How to Wrap Furniture for Moving Day – Quick Guide

How to Wrap Furniture for Moving Day – Quick Guide

Moving day is coming up sooner than you think! That’s great news because it means your house is getting more spacious and ready to be lived in again. The bad news? It also means that you’re about to pack everything up and head out of town sometime soon. If you have a home full of furnishings, that might be a little overwhelming, too. Not sure how to wrap furniture for moving day? Don’t worry — we’ve got your back! Follow these simple steps to ensure nothing gets damaged and everything arrives in tip-top shape when you unpack at your new home later on.

What You’ll Need for Wrapping Furniture

1. Tape scissors

2. First aid kit and band-aids

3. Two 2×4 pieces of wood

4. A hammer and nails

5. A paint roller (optional)

6. Plastic ties

7. Two large garbage bags

8. A card table or other sturdy surface to place your wrapped furniture on

Measure, Measure, Measure

One of the most important things to remember is that measurements are crucial. You don’t want to be lugging a lot of heavy items into the truck and then find out you don’t have enough room for them! Measuring first can help you avoid this major inconvenience. Start by measuring the size of your furniture, including height, width, and depth. Then, measure the truck bed or trailer dimensions. Make sure that all dimensions are measured in inches so there aren’t any mix-ups later on once you start wrapping everything up!

Protect with Plastic Wrap

The first thing to do is wrap your furniture in plastic wrap. Plastic wrap also acts as a cushion during transit and helps prevent spills, which is especially important on moving day when you’re trying to keep everything contained.

Wrap in Towels or Linens

Start by wrapping your furniture in towels or linens. This is an easy way to prevent your furniture from getting damaged and also protect it from any dirt that might be on the inside of the box.

Tag and Stagger Wrapped Items

Before wrapping your items, be sure to tag them. This will make it easier for you to keep track of everything that needs to be packed and unpacked when the time comes. Additionally, tag all wrapped pieces with what piece of furniture they belong to: sofa, bed frame, dresser, etc. Next step up is staggering your wrapped items so that they fit into a box or container more easily. You want to make sure the heaviest pieces are at one end of the item so that it stays sturdy when you move it around. The last thing you want is for the weight distribution on your item not to be as even as possible. Finally, wrap each item individually so there’s no chance of anything getting damaged during transport. Everything should also be neat and tidy!

Final Steps Before Wrapping Up

Before you wrap up your furniture, take these last few steps to ensure you get the best results. -Carpet should be vacuumed and cleared of any clutter -All surfaces should be wiped down with a damp cloth or sponge -Remove any loose screws or nails from the surface of the item that needs to be wrapped -Wrap items in fabric or paper so they can be moved around easily -Ensure that all items are wrapped tightly and secured on both ends

Tips for Wrapping Furniture for Moving Day

1. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for wrapping your furniture.

2. Make sure the furniture is completely dry before wrapping it.

3. Wrap your furniture with blankets or towels so it’s cushioned and protected on its journey.

4. Wrap any loose parts of your furniture, like baseboards and knobs, in packing paper or bubble wrap to protect them from damage during transit.

5. Put all the pieces of wrapped furniture into a moving carton box, which is designed to keep each piece separate and safe while in transit and at destination.


Moving day is the day you’ve been waiting for! It’s a day you get to show off your hard work and get your new home where you want it to be. But before you can just hop in a car, truck or van and make the move, there are a few things that have to be taken care of first. First you need to prepare for moving day, which means wrapping furniture for moving day. Wrapping furniture is something that many people are afraid of, but it’s generally easier than it sounds. Follow this simple guide to wrapping furniture for moving day and you’ll be able to wrap up your belongings in no time.