Moving Tips for Seniors in Sarasota-Bradenton

Moving Tips for Seniors in Sarasota-Bradenton

More than fifty percent of the moves across the nation involve seniors. This statistic especially reigns true in Sarasota-Braderton and greater Southern Florida, as many retirees from northern states move to Florida for the winters. Whether you or a loved one made the decision to downsize, relocate to be with family, or move to a retirement facility, senior moving comes with its own set of challenges. Here are a few tips to help make this process easier for you

Research Moving Services

If you choose to hire professional movers, it is essential to do your research on different movers. Finding a credible, reliable, and professional moving company is crucial, whether you are just looking for transportation for your belongings, a full-service move, or something in between.

It’s a good idea to start familiarizing yourself with local or long-distance moving companies around you two to three months ahead of your move. Before going into your research, it is essential to determine both your budget and moving needs to find senior citizen moving specialists that meet your budget and can tailor your moving experience to your specific needs. Whether you are moving to Sarasota-Braderton long term or just for the winters, it is crucial to work with movers that will meet your moving needs.

Enlist Your Friends and Family Members

Whether you decide not to make a full-service move or to move entirely on your own, it is essential to enlist your family and friends to help you during this move. Moving without help is challenging, so it is important to ask your loved ones for help to reduce the stress moving can cause.

If you have made the decision to downsize, it is wise to ask family members if they want any furniture or oversized items you no longer need or have room for in your new space. More often than not, your family can also help with sorting, organizing, packing, and donating your items. When enlisting family, it is good to ask two to three months ahead of the move so they can plan accordingly to help you move.

Ask for the Blueprint of Your New Home

Once you have found your new home, print out or ask for a copy of the blueprint of your home. Why? Because it allows you to create a floor plan for your home. Knowing exactly where your furniture goes will make directing your movers, friends, and family much more seamless on a moving day.

Pack Early

Relocating stress syndrome is natural and more common than you would think. As good as one’s intentions could be, life has a way of changing our plans instantly. Furthermore, it’s essential to plan ahead and start packing your belongings that are unessential to your daily life. Start with things like your holiday decorations and kitchen appliances you use sparingly to avoid having packing negatively affect your everyday life.

Label Your Boxes

Being organized is a great way to reduce stress on the day of the move. A great way to do this is by labeling your boxes. That way, when they come off the moving truck, you’ll know exactly where to put them. Also, if you pack one room at a time, streamlining the packing process, it will be much easier to label your boxes based on where they belong (bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, etc.).

Change Your Address on Accounts

While this tip may seem obvious, it is easy to get caught in the throws of moving and overlook it. Why else did the majority of us accidentally send an Amazon package, a DoorDash order, or a bank statement to a previous address at one point in our lives? For seniors, this is very important as most receive Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security. Therefore, you want to ensure you complete this task before moving. That way, it’s one less thing you must deal with once you get to your new home.

Transfer Prescriptions to the Sarasota-Bradenton area

Refilling your prescription right before your move is a good idea if you take medication. That way, you have about a 30-day supply, giving you enough time to transfer your scripts to a local pharmacy. Once you arrive and settle, you must request a refill without worrying about switching pharmacies.

If you are still looking for a moving company you are comfortable with, look up the Preferred Movers Network. Most experienced and credible local and long-distance movers are listed there, giving you a myriad of great options to choose from.

Congratulations on your move! We hope these tips help you and your move goes as smoothly as possible.